The Road to 2030

The UK government have announced a ban of the sale of new petrol and diesel cars in 2030. I’m creating a series of videos exploring the challenges and opportunities this presents.

Part 1. Rapid chargers

Free rapid chargers for councils and businesses!

Our high streets are dying. Out of town shopping centres and the advent of online shopping means shops are closing at an ever increasing rate.

I think the electric vehicle revolution could help revive high streets by putting rapid chargers everywhere, encouraging EV drivers to stop in towns they’d not have previously visited.

Councils thus far have been reluctant to put rapid chargers in their cities and towns due to the perceived cost. What they may not know, however, is that there are charging networks that will install rapid chargers at NO COST. In fact, councils and land owners will even be paid a rent.

Two such charging networks are Instavolt and Osprey. I show how easy it is to use one of their chargers and discuss the considerations for finding the perfect site.

Do you know of the perfect place for a rapid charger? Share this page with councillors and businesses.


Note: I am not affiliated with Osprey or Instavolt!

What is a rapid charger?

'Refuelling' an electric car takes many hours at home. A rapid charger can add hundreds of miles in less than an hour.

Rapid chargers from Instavolt and Osprey require no account or app; they're easy to use and can be paid with contactless.

Why get a rapid charger?

  • Revive the high street

    Drivers can be parked at a rapid charger for up to 90 minutes. That's time they'll be wanting to shop, eat or visit local attractions.

  • Tourism

    Have a rapid charger in your town or business? Drivers will detour to reach it. Those drivers are now your customers.

  • Environment

    Our towns are too polluted. Getting people driving electric is a great way of cleaning up our air.

  • Great PR

    Going green is great marketing for the council/business!

Next steps

  • Find the perfect place

    Ideally available 24/7 with good access, lighting and near conveniences.

  • Tell the land owner

    E-mail, call, post, Tweet – and tag @OspreyCharging and @InstaVoltUK.