Recommended gear

I tend to end up buying a lot of stuff for the car (and for this channel). Here are some of my favourite products along with the videos in which I talk about them.

Some of these are affiliate links so I will get a few pennies if you click them. Thank you!

For the car

Quicklynks Battery Monitor II

Monitor your car's 12-volt battery

I'd recommend this to everyone with a car!

I think my 12-volt battery is kaput so this device was recommended to me so I could log the voltage and see what was going on. So easy to set-up and use with a surprisingly good app!

Buy on Amazon: UKUSA

Topdon BT200 car battery tester

Test 12/24v car batteries of all types

My e-Niro's 12-volt battery has been playing silly buggers for a while now.

I bought this fantastic, easy-to-use, battery tester to determine whether the battery was failing. Spoiler alert: it was.

Buy on Amazon: UKUSA