Recommended gear

I tend to end up buying a lot of stuff for the car (and for this channel). Here are some of my favourite products along with the videos in which I talk about them.

Some of these are affiliate links so I will get a few pennies if you click them. Thank you!

For the car

Quicklynks Battery Monitor II

Monitor your car's 12-volt battery

I'd recommend this to everyone with a car!

I think my 12-volt battery is kaput so this device was recommended to me so I could log the voltage and see what was going on. So easy to set-up and use with a surprisingly good app!

Buy on Amazon: UKUSA

Topdon BT200 car battery tester

Test 12/24v car batteries of all types

My e-Niro's 12-volt battery has been playing silly buggers for a while now.

I bought this fantastic, easy-to-use, battery tester to determine whether the battery was failing. Spoiler alert: it was.

Buy on Amazon: UKUSA

LELink^2 OBD dongle

Look inside your EV

There's a lot going on inside your EV. If the battery isn't warm enough (or if it's too hot) then charge rates will slow down. Wouldn't it also be good to find out your battery health?

By plugging one of these into your OBD port, you can find out a whole manner of different things. There are loads of OBD dongles available but this is one of the few that works with Leaf Spy (iOS, Android). I also use it with Car Scanner ELM (iOS, Android) and A Better Route Planner (iOS, Android).

Buy on Amazon: UKUSA